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The Three Little Pigs



Do you know that pigs are one of the smartest animals?  This is a story of a very smart pig, and two very dumb ones!  Oh yes, this story also includes the Big Bad Wolf.  But don't be scared, it's a silly story!




Once upon a time there were three little pigs, who were best friends. Their names were Baken, Faken, and Linken.


The three little pigs took some straw for bedding and snacks, and went into the big world to live. Their dream was to run a farm and grow corn, because pigs love corn, as well as many
other foods!

The three little pigs built three little houses in three little fields near the woods.




The first little pig was lazy. Baken took the straw he had bought for food and bedding, and built his house out of it. It was the easiest thing to do.


The second little pig worked a little harder. Faken found some sticks, and cut them and bound them together, and she built her house out of wood.  It looked like a nice house from a distance, but really it was not very well made.  

She said to herself, "As long as it looks nice, who cares how good it is?  Am I right?  I sure ham!"  Laughing at her little joke, she went inside and shut the door, which made the
house shudder.

The third little pig was the smart pig. Linken built his house out of bricks.  He made the bricks from mud, and baked them dry and hard.  He used a trowel and spread mortar between them to hold them together.  He put insulation in the walls to keep the outside air out.  He put in drywall, and painted his walls pink pig pink.  He even made a library with a brick fireplace and chimney. It took a long time to build but it was worth it.  His house was solid.
When he was finished, he turned around expecting to see Baken and Faken planting the corn.  But they were relaxing in the sun and rolling in the mud!


In these woods lived the Big Bad Wolf. You may remember him from the story of Little Red Riding Hood or you may never have met the Big Bad Wolf before.

The Big Bad Wolf is clever and mean.  The Big Bad Wolf not only likes to eat little girls, and tasty grandmothers, he also likes to eat fat
little piggies.


The first night the Wolf crept out of the woods into the fields.  He saw the little house made of straw.  He smelled Baken.  He pressed his wolfy lips to the straw and whispered through the wall,

"Little pig, little pig,
Let me in, let me in,
Or I'll huff and I'll puff
And I'll blow your house in!"

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin",
said the first little pig.

The Wolf whispered back,
"Are you sure?
This house is just made of straw you know."

"It's all I had time to make!" cried Baken.

The Wolf huffed, and he puffed, and he did
blow the house in.
He leapt in and ate the first little pig.

The Wolf then came to the house of sticks.  Faken was inside, listening to some music and dipping strands of straw into chocolate frosting.  The Big Bad Wolf pressed his wolfy lips to a slit in the wood, and said,

"Little pig, little pig,
Let me in, let me in,
Or I'll huff and I'll puff
And I'll blow your house in!"

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin",
said the second little pig.


"Speaking of which, I really should tweeze
these chin hairs."

She went to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet to get the tweezers.  When she closed the cabinet, she saw in the mirror the Wolf behind her!  He was huffing!  

The Wolf huffed and he puffed.  He blew the house in.  He leapt over the pile of sticks and ate the second little pig.  He even ate the can of chocolate frosting.

The Wolf then came to the house of bricks.  Linken was inside, getting out his book to read.  The Big Bad Wolf pressed his wolfy lips to the window, and called out (more loudly this time, because the window was double-glazed)

"Little pig, little pig,
Let me in, let me in,
Or I'll huff and I'll puff
And I'll blow your house in!"

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin",
said the third little pig.
"What?" asked the Wolf.  Linken had done a really good job sound-proofing his library.  Linken came to the window and yelled in the Wolf's face, "I said, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!"
Well, the Wolf was mad now.  He huffed and he puffed.  And he blew with all his might. 
But the house did not blow in!
He huffed again, and puffed again, and blew again. Nothing.  He looked in the window.  Linken was reading on the couch.  The Wolf tried one last time.  He huffed and he puffed, and he blew as hard as he could. The house stood there, solid.



The Wolf ran back into the woods and got Little Red Riding Hood's hood and cape and basket.  He came back to the little brick house.  He rang the doorbell.  Linken opened the door a crack, and a steel chain blocked the entry.


The Wolf said in his best little girl voice,
"Hello Mr. Pig.  I am a little girl selling baskets of cookies to raise money for a school field trip to Rapunzel's tower.  Will you let me in to show you my cookies?"

The third little pig said,
"Sorry honey, I bake my own.  But here's five bucks for the trip.  The tower's a hoot!"  And he threw a coin through the crack in the doorway, and slammed it in the Wolf's face.

The Wolf was furious, and his teeth gnashed with rage.  He ripped off the red hood and raced around the little brick house.  He dug his claws into the mortar and slowly climbed his way up the chimneystack, and onto the roof.

Inside the house, Linken was think’n a fire would go nicely with his cup of tea and book.  He placed logs in the fireplace and lit them.  

He heard a scraping up on the roof.  "Hmmm, it must just be the new house settling", he thought to himself, and snuggled back onto the couch.


The Wolf perched on the chimney's edge.  He was ready to eat that third little pig.  
"Time for pork chops!" he shouted, and leapt into the chimney.  As he fell, he smelled smoke and saw an orange blaze... and suddenly he was in the middle of a raging fire!  The wolf howled and shot past Linken on the couch and shot towards the door and unlocked the door as ran as fast as he could. He ran to the pond in the middle of the woods where he soaked his burning behind.  He would never eat pork again.


Linken looked up from his book to see the carpet on fire.  He took his regulation fire extinguisher off the wall and put the carpet out, and the fire in the fireplace also.  

"I must have installed the chimney flue wrong", he said.  "I'll fix it tomorrow."  And he read the rest of his story, and went to bed.


To do a thing you want to do,
It takes brainpower, plans and thinking.
Try your best to do it well,
Put in hard work just like Linken.

When the wolf is at the door,
Then there is no time for Faken.
If you work your very hardest,
Then you won't wind up as Baken!


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